Shooting and the Shooting Fraternity

Custom made hearing protection for Shooting:  With a wide range of shooting disciplines and user desires, we can satisfy most requirements from the choice of 3 different types of hearing protection for Shooters:

Electronic, Mechanical Valve and Passive.


Many shooters prefer to enjoy amplified sound thus enhancing hearing/listening ability and hence things like wingflap, rustling, snorting and even communication are easier, making it less challenging to engage the quarry.

The undoubted market leading brand is CENS, by Puretone, for which we at Hearing ReSolutions are proud, established long-term Puretone Premier Dealers. This association with Puretone has developed over the years and we have had much involvement in the next generation build of these products, using our experience and customer evaluation to achieve what is undoubtedly the market leading custom made electronic hearing protection product on the market today.

Included in this product development is the achievement of Full Attenuation Certification, thereby making it the only full shell custom made silicone electronic hearing protection product suitable for Industrial use.

CENS products are available in a choice of either Acrylic or Silicone custom made earmoulds.  Physical ear size can determine which product is more suitable.  Acrylic shell mould is the original and traditional type with beige external plate and red/blue custom shells right/left.  The custom silicone moulds for CENS ProFlex carry the electronic module and the moulds are available in a wide colour selection along with a choice of 6 different colours for the module door.

Operationally, there are 3 versions:

  • One program – clay shooting (Acrylic & ProFlex)
  • Two program – game and clay shooting (Acrylic & ProFlex)
  • Two program – game and clay shooting + stalking (Hunter ProFlex)

We aim to help the user select the correct model, depending on usage, frequency, combination of disciplines.  In use, any CENS product enhances hearing/listening ability; each has user volume control, powered by either 312 (Acrylic & ProFlex models) or 13 (ProFlex+ models).  The batteries are readily available hearing aid batteries.

CENS products are endorsed by many of the UK and world beating shooters.  Many of these are well known to Hearing ReSolutions where we have attended many of their competitions and Game Fairs over our many years of experience in this field.

Mechanical Valve

For those shooters who prefer to hear/communicate almost normally and then receive protection at the moment of impact noise, we offer our custom made Shooters Aid, a mechanical valve product.  Shooters Aid, also known as Sonic Valves, have a great reputation from users in their universal fitting/generic  format. Where our custom made version gains against generic fitting is there is greater comfort for most users.

This is achieved by implanting the mechanical valve in a silicone sleeve, perfectly laboratory finished, in the user’s choice of a wide selection of colours, from aural impressions of the users’ ears.  Shooters Aids are an ideal solution for those shooters who like to converse, listen for bird flight, wing flap and the clay trap whilst giving adequate protection when shot or impact noise is detected.  The product is extremely popular amongst the shooting fraternity giving the preferred choice/type of protection, importantly at a reasonable price!


Our third option, for those whose disciplines have a less requirement to listen/communicate, we select from 9 differently attenuating passive products. Our SafeSound ™ and DLO™ products are some of the custom made products that we prescribe from.  By analysis of the user’s protection requirements and shooting disciplines, we can then provide adequate protection so that the user can attain optimum protection, comfort and the ability to enjoy their chosen shooting discipline in the knowledge that the greatest care been taken to protect their hearing. We also offer a selection of other hearing protection products including electronic and passive earmuffs which we may advise additional to custom made hearing protection, depending on calibre and usage.