We act as agents for some leading UK and many US manufacturers of in-the-ear monitor systems.  The choices are wide and varying, depending on many factors and mainly determined by quality and price.  We are happy to help in this selection.

For the discerning musician and those who like their music either playing or listening to it, we offer a range of ER products which provide almost flat attenuation across the octave band. The custom made versions provide filtration to 9, 15 or 25dB reduction and a universal fitting product is available offering 12dB reduction, often the choice for those younger musicians in orchestras or bands.  We supply many concert goers, as well as musicians, with these products as often the volume levels in concert venues, discotheques and even private functions can prevent enjoyment of the event with subsequent tinnitus and/or hearing loss.

Alternatively, we offer a selection of our custom made range of hearing protection for those who simply need the volume reducing in order to provide protection

For help with any of the above products, we are happy to help with this selection.