Hearing ReSolutions is a specialist company in aural matters

Along with ear wax removal by microsuction, we:

  • Prescribe and manufacture custom made hearing protection for industry, the shooting fraternity, motorcyclists and musicians
  • Measure Industrial Noise with notable assignments in shipping, engineering, manufacturing and entertainment
  • Test hearing through our Audiometry Programmes at client companies
  • Have over 20 years associated experience in hearing aids and enhancement products.
  • Are agents for several global leading in-the-ear monitor companies for musician clients

Our extensive nationwide client base includes many International Shooting Competitors, Motorcycle Racers and a host of globally-famous artistes. We also look after many aspiring shooters, motorcyclists and musicians who enjoy their hobbies and professions and are keen to protect their hearing correctly. Importantly, we are fully insured, and qualified, for all our business purposes