Ear wax can be a problem for many people and others may not have any problem with it at all.

We don’t often experience a problem with it but it can suddenly become a significant problem and the sufferer may experience pain, nausea, further loss of hearing, tinnitus and even balance issues.

Some over-the-counter remedies may work but a visit to the GP may incur a long waiting time, 6 weeks or more, for the NHS process of Irrigation, unless carried out by the GP’s Nurse.

We use Micro Suction which, instead of water being vibrated into the ear canal, is simply a vacuum probe to remove the offending wax. The process usually takes a few minutes and brings immediate relief and an end to the suffering

Appointments are necessary

We are based in Bolton and are happy to see patients at our premises, by appointment


  • £40.00 for one ear
  • £60.00 for both ears at the same appointment

Alternatively for domiciliary visits our additional charges are:

  • Within 5 mile radius of our base in Bolton £5.00 per visit
  • Between 5 miles and 10 mile radius £10.00 per visit
  • 10 miles or more £20.00 per visit

We aim not to travel further than 25 miles but would welcome patients who are willing to travel further distances to us!

Appointments can be daytime, evening and or weekends to suit

If you feel that you have a problem relating to ear wax please call 01204 655530 to make an appointment

Fee payment can be by card or cash